Broken ODrive AGAIN

Hi all,

I purchased an ODrive and after calibrating my motors the ODrive died for no apparent reason.
Has anyone experienced anything like this before or know how to fix it???

Hi Joe,

Can you define “died”? If just the +12V and GND are plugged in, does the green LED turn on? Are you able to see the ODrive on USB? Are you able to flash the ODrive with an STLinkV2?

No light, no usb or STLink. When I turn on the power supply supply with it connected to the ODrive the ampage does not change.

Hey Joe,

All is a bit vague to determine the cause of failure, try to take pictures as Wetmelon proposed. Try to spot any abnormalities.

I saw you previously added capacitors to the odrive for hoverboard use.

Are there any similarities between your current setup and the one with the modified ODrive?