Magnet encoders

I think thats it :slight_smile:

The ones from Supermagnete seem alright. I use some from china that I bought some time ago, but cant find them any more. If someone finds a cheap source, let me know.
My magnets are 6x2mm and the results are good. I have also seen horseshoe-style magnets used with magnetic encoders, but I am really sure they do not work with the TLE5012 but only with two analog hall sensors.


Nevermind, I just had the wrong search terms. Just make sure to search for “diametrically”, and you will find tons of magnets on aliexpress and so on :slight_smile:

The best way to verify your CPR is to simply spin the motor one revolution by hand and then query shadow_count. If its 16k then you’re off by a factor of 4. And yes, odrive is using 4x quadrature mode.

Ok, that explains the 4x CPR product I couldn’t grasp before. As Jake said also…

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Hi Jake,I have Infineon TLE5012b sensor with magnetic ring 44 pole. I can using IIF(incremental interface) in the calibration ?

@Cooper_AYM Yes, that sensor should work, as far as I can tell. :slight_smile: But be aware that it only gives incremental position, not absolute like other encoders in this thread, so you will still need to calibrate or find index on boot up.