Odrive Axis Encoder Failed

Hello ODrive Community,

I’m relatively new to working with ODrive, and I’m currently trying to connect an RS485 encoder to my ODrive controller via an SN75716 converter. I’ve configured the RS485 communication on my microcontroller (TM4C) to talk to the SN75716, which then sends the data via SPI to the ODrive.
But I guess that should not be a problem, because, I have configured my encoder to get the values of position, which gives perfect in the variable angle, and then i send it using SSI0:

However, I’m encountering some issues on the ODrive side. Specifically, I’m getting the following errors: “ENCODER_ERROR_UNSTABLE_GAIN” and “ENCODER_ERROR_ABS_SPI_COM_FAIL.” I’ve checked my wiring, ensured that the baud rates and SPI modes match, and followed the guidance in the documentation, but I’m still having trouble.

Could someone please provide a step-by-step guide or any tips on how to properly configure and troubleshoot SPI communication with ODrive when the data is coming from an RS485 encoder via the SN75716 converter? I’d greatly appreciate any assistance or insights you can offer.

Thank you in advance!

Hi Muzammil,

This appears to be a duplicate of your other SPI topic, my response there should explain why the SPI communication with the ODrive is failing. Lets limit this conversation to one topic only please.