ODrive with Faulhaber motors

Hi there,

can we use the ODrive with follwing motors and encoders?

Faulhaber 4221 024 BXT H
7 pole pairs / digital Hall Sensor / 24V

We have a Planetary Gear on the Motor as well (45:1)

Plus an IEF3-4096 encoder:

Number of pulse: 4096 pulses/revolution
Type: encoder with channel (2+1 Indeximpuls)

Thank you!

It’s not a good match, those are very small motors. You can do it, but I would recommend changing the current shunts.

Do I have to replace the current shunts?

I got my ODrive now and try to setup everything like described in the getting started guide.

I have done the AXIS_STATE_FULL_CALIBRATION_SEQUENCE the motor turns very slow forward then reverse but when i try to calibrate the encoder ( AXIS_STATE_ENCODER_INDEX_SEARCH ) i get the following error:

axis: Error(s):
motor: no error
sensorless_estimator: no error
encoder: no error
controller: no error

Someone can help me please ? :wink:



Is there a manual for changing the shunts ?

There is no manual, but you can look between the capacitors for each phase. In between Phase B&C is the first resistor for Phase B measuring. The second one is one Capacitor away and looks exactly the same. R27&R28 and R45&46.
I am currently doing exactly the same as you. I ordered some new resistors and waiting to get them installed. I tried tuning the controller gains first, but that did not work propely.
If you change the Shunt Resistors, you have to modify the Firmware, cause there is a #define variable which you have to adjust → Location of shunt resistors on odrive 3.6
I got the 3216BW012XTR and 3242G012BX4 and got some strong vibrations after full calibration and closed loop control.

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Can you share your config ? Are you using hall sensors or encoder ?