Reading velocity and torque from hoverboard setup

I have a hoverboard setup by following the instructions on I can set the desired velocity.

In python, how would I read the actual velocity and torque of the motors at each instant? Thank you!

Hi Moorage

The best place to start would be having a look at If you have trouble running the script directly you can try running it through an Anaconda Prompt window by navigating to your odrive tools directory and then entering python

Any command that works in odrivetool will work in with the only difference being that you replace your normal odrv0.axis1... with my_drive.axis1....

The number of encoder counts read per second is given by my_odrive.axis0.encoder.pll_vel and so to obtain your velocity in RPM for an 8192 count per rotation encoder you would use axis0RPM = my_odrive.axis0.encoder.pll_vel)/8192)*60.

The odrive can not measure torque directly, but instead measures current. If you know the KV of your motor then you can estimate the torque using the following relationship: axis0Torque = 8.27*my_odrive.axis0.motor.current_control.Iq_setpoint/150) * 100), # Torque [] = (8.27 * Current [A] / KV) * 100 ]). If you don’t know the KV of your motor you can try estimating it using this guide or one like it.

It looks like the current documentation does not mention in any way so it might be time that we change that. When you become more comfortable using would you consider adding a few words about it to the odrive docs under the odrivetool subheading?

Good luck and let us know if you are still having trouble

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From @madcowswe on discord:

  • a hall feedback scheme has 6 counts/ electrical rev
  • a standard hoverboard motor has 15 pole pairs, so it’s effectively 90 counts/rev

(remember you can find out by getting odrv0.axis0.motor.config.pole_pairs)

Thanks for taking the time to write your detailed post @Richard_Parsons!

Thank you indeed, @Richard_Parsons ! From the torque perspective, I see that there was a similar post How to read the torque of the motor? as well. I’m trying to understand the constants in this equation, and I see from the Google Sheet Motor Guide that 8.27 is from cell B28: =(3/2)/(sqrt(3)*(1/60)*2*PI()). Is there a description for this equation, I can read up on?

And I’m guessing the last * 100 in the equation above is to convert from N.m to, right? Thank you!

And I’m guessing the last * 100 in the equation above is to convert from N.m to , right?

Yes thats right.

Regarding the torque equation check out the wiki page on motor torque constant.