0v on Vbus ardunio communication

Hey guys, Im attempted to use the odrive with the UART communication (ardunio softserial). For some reason i get no response out of my odrive 3.6. The stock Arduino library returns a 0v signal and a 0 position. Yes the halls, gnd, power, resistor ect are hooked up as odrive recommends.

Ive attempted to reflash the stock firmware on the odrive with python, but i run into a strange NoBackendError.

Any idea on how to solve this issue?

Well first off make sure that you can control the odrive by configuring it over USB. Then debug the other issues.

Alright! Sadly i have yet to get the python library working, any suggestions on how to fix the backend error? I was able to fix the UART communication issues, it now reads bus voltage and completes calibration steps. However motor position will not change at all