2 Legged full size walking Robot!

I have been building a full size biped walking robot. You can see it in action on my YouTube channel here

I would love it if you guys can help me out if you see something I should be doing differently let me know.
One of the problems is the mess of USB cables and USB splinters that I need to communicate with all the Odrives. Let me know what you think the best low latency, high band solution would be to solve this issue thanks
Enjoy the video I will make more in the future





Very cool project, congratulations.

Have you looked into using CAN bus? I use it on my own Robot and it seems very promising.

Cheers, Nooth

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Would CAN bus be able to handle 12 motors? I send updated position data every 2 milliseconds to every motor.

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Yes CAN is able to handle 12 motors. Regarding the transmission speed: You can configure CAN to run at up to 1 mbps. This should be enough for you. You will also need to think about how to connect the CAN bus to your PC. I did this by using an Arduino and rosserial.

Thanks for the Info. Can I get example code for the Arduino using CAN bus for communicating with the ODrive? To be honest I’m jest being lazy and it would be faster to learn from some already working code.

Sure. Note that this also includes rosserial.

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Congratulations, looks nice! I like the sheeth you made for the ballscrews. Good luck getting it to walk :slight_smile:

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Great project! I look forward to the next video. I also recommend CAN, however you may wish to consider having two CAN bus’s (see below on NODE ID restrictions). One per leg probably makes sense.

Take a look at MIT’s mini cheetah communication architecture, it may be useful for your application.
mini cheetah communication architecture

Any idea for the CG state estimation for your future balance algorithm?

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I’m going to take a different approach in how I’m going to tackle the problem of balancing and walking by using Motion Matching and feeding the error back into the Motion Matching system. I don’t know if it would work but it should be interesting. I’ll make another video about it when I’m done.