24V BLDC Motor Compatability

Hello! New User here. My team and I ordered Odrive 3.4, 24V and a 24V BLDC Hub motor right here:

I am wondering about their compatability. I’ve checked the web for wiring and this is what I got:

Big Wires:
Yellow -> Phase U
Green -> Phase V
Blue -> Phase W

Small Wires: Sensor Hall
Red -> 5V
Yellow -> Phase U
Green -> Phase V
Blue -> Phase W
Black -> GND

Big Wires, I understand, but for Sensor Hall, not sure if I can insert them in the M1 or M0 small jacks.
Also, I want to know the other specs of the 24V Odrive, such as current and wattage!

First Time doing a Motor Project! Thanks!

Hi, thanks for using ODrive.

We do not currently have support for hall sensor inputs right now, we plan to support this soon. Until then you will need to add an external encoder.

Ok, thanks for the response! So I ordered a 600p/r Incremental Rotary Encoder for the motor, but I fear that I’ll have to implement into the motor in a rough way. I read in another post that the encoder pins can be repurposed for Hall Sensor Inputs, but how would the coding work?
Controlling hoverboard style motor-in-wheel This is the post I’m talking about.

If you are interested in implementing this yourself, I invite you to come discuss it on the ODrive Discord.