24V Odrive 3.6 with Odrive D5065 motor

Hi guys!Mine is 24V Odrive 3.6 with Odrive D5065 motor and 24V, but it works terrible, could you share your configuration? I want to refer to it!

Hi Kang_Wang, I’m sure the community would love it help but, they may need a little more information in order to help with a problem!

Such as; what does the setup look like, how have you connected the wiring, are you using it with or without an encoder, and so on!

It may help to have some images, or a small video

At least give some information so the helpers can have a starting point!

Hope this helps

Regards Jerry :grinning:

Hi Kang, try to use the same thread for your problem, rather than open a new one each time.

Regards Jerry :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry buddy! I was so hurry , it took me a long time to get the motor working !