29V battery components for change

We have 10 24V plates. We wanted to put a 29 battery in it. What are the components that I would need to change?


What do you mean “10 24V plates”? Are plates batteries? Are you trying to put them in series to get 240V? You probably need to provide more information here.

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I think “plates” means PCBs i.e. the 24V version of the ODrive? You want to modify them to accept a 29V battery?

The FETs on the 24V board are rated to 30V so should be (just abouuut) ok, but transient spikes could potentially exceed 30V and blow them up.
The capacitors are rated to 25V so you probably need to change them.

If you have 10 boards, then you could try connecting one of them to 29V and see if anything explodes, then replace that part. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you
that was my question

Did you get any smoke? :stuck_out_tongue:
BTW, what type of battery do you have? Is it a 7-cell lithium battery? (7s lipo)