3.5 ODrive Schematic Release

Hi, I just found out this project and have been investigating a little. I found out this board sold in AE, which seems to have different upgrades that the green version posted above.

It is a pity that the hardware is now closed. I was thinking in building a lower power version for gimbal projects and similar, in a much smaller format.
Any recomendation in which schematic should I begin from?
Maybe the v3.4 release?

As a user, as long as the product can satisfy the use, the sex can be good. Open source for developers can promote the continuous development and progress of related products. A tribute to ODRIVE, thanks for bringing more possibilities to servo control. I would like to see more various types of servo drive products constantly updated!

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Not sure this is news anymore, but damn this is one hell of a mark up for a clone. Even more amazing is they link to this forum, one click away from the real odrive.