3.5 ODrive Schematic Release


I see here that the 3.5 schematic has been released. I am curious why these updates were not pushed to the Top.SchDoc ?

Looking to make a couple potential mechanical integration changes (size/shape) for a project I am working on but wanted to make sure I am playing with the latest and greatest. Thanks!



We are intentionally not releasing the source for ODrive v3.5 and newer. This is to try to avoid being out-competed by cheap clones of our own product.

You can base your design on ODrive v3.4, and then let me review your design, and I’ll be happy to point out any of the issues we fixed going from v3.4 to v3.5 (and others I might find).



Hi madcowswe,
Honestly, reverse a pcb design in Shenzhen is not expensive work, they use dedicated software and optical capture device, to do this, in a small price. I under stand and your concern and feel sorry for that, but i will have to say being copied is just a part of being open source.

I suggest you do a more powerful version with dedicated closed software binary if you are willing for profit.


I for one agree with your assessment.