36V on 24V Odrive board

This sounds a little obvious that it won’t work but I just wanted a confirmation.

I bought the Odrive 24V version thinking my hoverboard was 24v, I only found out it was 36V after taking it apart.

So, will the 24VOdrive board die if I powered it with 36V, or what would happen?

additional info, the hoverboard wheels work with 24V, I’ve been developing it with 24V and only when it’s time to hook up the batteries from the hoverboard, I realised it’s 36V. face palm

Yeah, you’ll get smoke and possibly some flames if you plug it in to a 36V battery. :frowning:
The mosfets are rated 30V “absolute max” so 36V will blast right through them. The capacitors are rated 26V so again, they will go pop.

You’ll need either a 24V battery or a 56V ODrive. I’d recommend upgrading the ODrive TBH, as there’s still a risk of damaging the 24V ODrive with a 24V battery (if it’s overcharged, or if there is a lot of regen current, or both)
and of course with 24V you wouldn’t reach the same top speed as your original hoverboard.


Ouch… painful lesson. Going to have to buy a 56V board or watch fireworks.