48V Lion Battery "DC_BUS_OVER_VOLTAGE" Error

Hi ı have a 1000w 48v 5kv hub motor and ı drive with 12s lion before, but now ı want use 13s lion and ı have a dc_bus_over_voltage error, how it is gone does anyone can help me?
When first open all thing is okey, but while ı give speed from rc control if ı give high acceleration motor is cut the voltage and throw this error
when ı try 10s lion its not any issue
but ı try 13s and ı have this error, ı cant find which value fix that
I use 0.5Ohm 50w standart resistor, on odrivetool ı give resistor = 0.5
What I Did:
increase over voltage trip level = my odrive burned
erase and set again

Hey Samet,

Is this with ODrive v3.6, Pro, or S1?

The default resistor included is 2 ohm - if this is set incorrectly, then yes an overvoltage error can occur. I’d set it correctly and try again.

my resistor is 0.5 ohm and ı set true, ı use odesc 3.6 54V

Hi Samet,

The ODESC is some other product not made by us. I would recommend that you reach out to the vendor of this product and ask them for support.

If you would like to use something that is solid and we can give support for, I would recommend the ODrive S1.