5 bar robot control

Hello everybody!

For my graduate project I am making 5-bar robot, similar to this one:

Idea is to have screen with GUI connected to raspberry Pi, than raspberry Pi gives instructions to Odrive robotics. If there will be time, plan is to have camera vision for pick and place too.
My robot needs 2 axis control, that Odrive has, so that’s great and 3th axis will bi pneumatic cylinder with vacuum gripper.
I have most of my construction done, but I don’t have much experience with robot control and electronic. So I have couple of questions:

Can Odrive simultaneously control both axes so robot can move in straight line (linear interpolation), like linear mode and joint mode in industrial robots?

Is it possible to use ROS on raspberry PI with Odrive or do you recommend something different, if so what?

If Odrive can’t simultaneously control both axes, is it possible to have my kinematic model of robot in linuxcnc and than linuxcnc as motion planer over step/dir communicate and give instruction to Odrive?

If you have any links, suggestions where to start or better idea than ROS or linuxcnc please tell.

Thank you all in advance.

Not currently, no.

Some people have used ROS, take a look on this forum and you should find some threads about it.

Yes, ODrive supports step/dir.