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Is there anybody used this type of motor??? How should I compare this motor with ODRIVE 5065 motor?? Is this motor have better torque??

The 5065 motor is much bigger so it will certainly be more powerful. But sometimes the flatter types like the one you linked can have better torque to weight ratio than long skinny motors. Depends on quality of the design and manufacturing.

If the smaller motor is strong enough for your application, go for it.

Thanks for reply.Can you suggest some flat motors with equivalent of 5065 motor torque ???

Try the 8308 size, e.g. http://www.himodel.com/electric/EAGLEPOWER_L8308_100KV_6-12S_Outrunner_Brushless_Motor.html or Multistar 9225 https://hobbyking.com/en_us/9225-160kv-turnigy-multistar-brushless-multi-rotor-motor.html?countrycode=US&utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=us&utm_term=LF

There are many other brands of very similar design, likely all made by the same factory in China.

Brushless motor torque is approximately Amps * 8.3 / kv, so you can quickly calculate max torque from the max current in the motor stats. Continuous torque will generally be around half that.

From the ODrive motor guide, the 5056 is 2Nm max, so that’s what you’re looking for. Flat motors have lower max RPM (and thus output power), but for position control with ODrive the torque is usually more important. Especially if you need backdriveability (and thus low gear ratio).

Hi Mani, is the 5010
motor works fine?

this gartt 5010 seems to be working good although i had to resin print a shaft for it