8192 CPR Encoder - shorter cable


My setup:
1x ODrive v3.6 motor controller 56V
2x Dual Shaft Motor - D6374 150kv
2x 8192 CPR Encoder with ODrive Cable

The encoders came with long cables (2m) and if possible, I’d like to reduce a bit the space inside my robot. What would be a good way to replace these cables with something closer to 0.3m?

I’m considering building my own cables, though it seems there’s a risk of introducing noise, and I don’t know much about that.

If I understood correctly, I should buy a shielded cable with 5 wires inside; and connect the shield to the ground on the ODrive side.
Would that be enough? Or I’m missing something?

Thank you

You’re not missing anything. You could just cut the ODrive cables shorter :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, thank you. I believe I’ll do just that.
It will save the effort from crimping both sides, and if I remove the extra part of the cable from the encoder side, I wouldn’t have to think about connecting the shield to the ground.

Must we link the shield to the black ground wire cable on both side of the encoder cable ? Or must we link shield to the eath ground on each side ?