About encoder offset calibration

I have a homemade three-phase motor, and I chose AMT102 as my encoder. After I installed them, I don’t know why I set it up and my encoder has a Z signal, but it will be indexed every time I open it. Position alignment, why is this?But what the guidebook says is"if you have an encoder with an index (Z) signal, you may avoid having to do the offset calibration on every startup, and instead use the index signal to re-sync the encoder to a stored calibration."

You have two kinds of calibration when using encoder:

  • Encoder offset calibration: This is a calibration process that essentially finds the phase difference between the encoder and the motor. This is needed to be able to apply the correct voltages when needed in position control.
  • Index Search: This is only for encoders with an index pin (Z-signal). The calibration finds this index singal.

By having an index signal, you can run the ‘Encoder offset calibration’ once, and after that just search for the index signal every boot to find the phase difference. This is handy because the ‘Encoder offset calibration’ has the downside that you can’t really put some load on it while calibrating.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I have been too busy recently. Sorry for my late reply. So far I seem to have solved the problem. Unfortunately, after my companion told me that he used a 48-v battery, the MOS tube burned through. Here comes a new problem.