Active Brake Modules

Hi All, I saw that the Odrive Pro component selection documentation makes a mention to an Active Braking Module coming soon. Does anyone know the status of this?

I ask as I’ve been dealing with trying to create a reliable category 2 stop with my current 4-wheeled rover that uses the Odrive 3.6V. So far I’ve had no luck as the Odrives will error out (either due to current limit or spinout detection ) when I flip my Estop command (commands 0 velocity immediately) and releases power to the motors so the rover coasts to a stop rather than electrically braking.

Does anyone have a solution for achieving a reliable category 2 stop? In the short term a solution for the Odrive 3.6V is ideal but long term, I plan to switch over to the Odrive Pros.

We are hoping to have some initial engineering samples for an active braking module by Q4 of this year (at the earliest), this would enable use of a brake resistor with an ODrive Pro.
For a hard stop you may want to consider using mechanical brakes, if you can afford any rolling while stopping I would suggest using ramped velocity control, and seeing if you can push vel_ramp_rate high enough to be within your tolerances.

Great news! Could you please provide some specs of this modules? May be price range? Will it has an active cooling? Also is it possible to stack them on power line to increase capacity for machines with high inertia ?