AMT203 and Odrive chip select pin problem


I am trying to use 2 absolute encoder to drive 2 motors (D6374).

Now, I am reading motor temperatures and positions by Arduino and sending them to the PC via serial port and settin Odrive parameters accordingly to avoid calibration.

As a best solution, I would like to read motor temperatures and I would like to integrate my two absolute encoders with Odrive, I read this post but it is not clear that which GPIO pins are assigned as chip select in that firmware. I tried to read codes but I am not a hardcore embedded guy so I couldn’t understand assignments, it seems that only chipselect pin is configured as GPIO 5.

  1. If using two AMT203 on ODrive is possible, can someone explain how to connect AMT203’s to ODrive to use it directly via SPI? And better explanation for ODrive configuration would be great…

  2. If it is possible read some analog voltages with ODrive to read temperature sensors on motor, can someone explain how to do it? Which pin should be used? Which function should be called? What is the input impedance of the analog inputs of ODrive?

Thank you very much