AMT232B absolute encoder


I want to use the recommended absolute encoder AMT232B.
I have a few questions .
How can I connect two AMT232B encoders to the oDrive board ?
Where can I find the appropriate firmware ?
Is the support of these encoders included in the RazorsFrozenTest branch which I need to use (I use CAN bus) ?

Thanks for your support

I think this interface can be used by our SPI bus, it looks very similar to the settings of the AMS encoders such as the AS5048, but it’s not currently supported (there’s a few differences).

ok, thanks.
It’s disapointing : this encoder is RECOMMENDED but NOT SUPPORTED !!!
I will receive 4 of these encoders next week. I will test them and see …

Sorry, where is this encoder recommended? If it’s listed somewhere official we need to fix it

On the main page of the documentation :
it is mentioned that you will need one or two encoders.
This points to a page with an excel file called “odrive encoder guide” where the AMT232B is listed.
The as5048 is not listed.
It’s a pity to discover that the AMT232B is not supported after having ordered four of them !

For mechanical reasons, the AS5048 is not an option for me.
I hope I can use or modify the SPI interface to use this AMT232B.

Oh I see. That document is not recommended encoders, although I understand how you may have come to that conclusion. Most of those encoders have never been tested, programmed, or verified to work with ODrive.

The only encoder model that we recommend is the CUI AMT102. It can be purchased on the ODrive Robotics website or from a number of other retailers (ours comes with a nice cable though :slight_smile: )

If you’d like to try the AMT232B, you’ll have to modify this “Absolute SPI Callback” function on the RazorsFrozenTesting branch here

As far as I can tell, it’s the same as the AS5048 but with two parity bits instead of one (K0 and K1)

I currently use the AMT102, but I need an absolute encoder to avoid movements during calibration at startup.

Thanks for the link.
I should manage to change the parity check.