Anti-cogging feature reduces motor noise at high speeds ?


I would like to ask the community whether they have found that switching on anti-cogging noticably reduces the audible noise from the motor torque ripple at high speed (eg >1000 rpm) ? I have seen the impressive demos of the anti-cogging resulting in smooth motion as the motor crawls, but I don’t know whether this translates to torque ripple reduction at high rpms.


I imagine it depends on whether the system can read the position and update the driving voltages before the motor has moved a fraction of a degree. Otherwise, it would have to do some sort of prediction.

Hey Pete,

With properly tuned gains, it should help. That being said, some amount of noise is endemic to motors, not much way around it. Which ODrive are you using?

anti-cogging has no effect in higher speeds. And even with slow speed, I don’t hear any difference.