Anticogging "profiles"


I’m using Odrive as a controller for my simulator wheel base which means I sometimes swap between wheel rims and, as I understand because of different weight of my rims I’d have to run anticogging calibration process every time I switch the wheel, and it takes a lot of time since I use 18bit encoder. Is there a way to dump calibration data and then load it later without going through the whole calibration process?

You should run anticogging without load, then it doesn’t change. Backup_config should dump the anticogging table I think (not sure about this)

Thanks, it turned out it anticogging didn’t really change much in my case.
My biggest problem is I think what is called torque ripple. As soon as odrive goes to closed loop mode I can fill vibrations on the wheel.
I use Mitsubishi servo motor at max. 10A with torque control.
I know it might be caused by the current sensing noise but I already changed shunt resistors to 3mohms and adjusted odrv0.axis0.motor.config.requested_current_range.
Is there anything else I could do?
I selected shunts without a lot of calculations, is there a formula I could use to get the best shunts for my current?

Did you also compile the firmware with the new values?

Yeah, there’s a formula, I’ll have to dig it up.

Yes, I did compile the new firmware, I had to do it anyway as I’m using mt6825 spi encoder which is not supported by standard firmware.