Anyone have an ODrive model for Fritzing?

Does anyone out there have a model of the ODrive for Fritzing Design Software? I can make on if I need to, but I figured I’d ask if someone out there had one already! Thanks!

Hi jthawken, I do not have a Fritzing model of the Odrive but, I also need one. Did you make one in the meantime that you wouldn’t mind sharing?

I actually abandoned trying to make one haha. I used Fritzing for the majority of my parts, but since the ODrive was an essential part of my circuit and it wasn’t on there, I found another way. I put each of the parts that were in Fritzing in a new project, then exported that to an image file. Then I loaded that into Photoshop, turned on the “Grid” so that everything snapped to a grid. I cut each of those parts to a new layer, then used the ODrive prototype/vector image from Google (just Google “ODrive vector”). That image is stylistically very similar to the Fritzing parts. Then I arranged them how I wanted them, and used the Pen Tool in Photoshop to make a path (snapped to a grid) then filled it in with different colors, like in Fritzing. I have some Photoshop experience so I found this much easier to do than using Fritzing actually! And if you don’t have Photoshop, a free program like Gimp or Krita will work fine.

Let me know if this helps!