API Endpoint question

I am using firmware version 0.5.1 and writing a Native Protocol library. But there are a number of things that are unclear…

What parameter am I getting then I request:

VBUS_VOLTAGE - endpoint 1 – ( OK, this is just a test… )

IBUS - endpoint 2 – is this current drawn from the battery? ( that would be nice! ) . Would it better be called ibus_current, to keep in line with vbus_voltage?

AXIS0_IQ_MEASURED endpoint 150 – is this net current flow through axis0?

AXIS1_IQ_MEASURED endpoint 379 – is this net current flow through axis1?


Hi John,

Our documentation is a little scattered, but your best bet is to look through the source code and odrive-interface.yaml for documentation about the parameters. All of the API endpoints are autogenerated from the yaml file during the build process, and the yaml simple exposed specific variables present in the firmware.

For your questions - ibus is indeed current drawn from the battery. Iq_measured for each axis is the measurement of the current component that produces torque, in the dq reference frame. If you are unfamiliar with that, read up on Field Oriented Control - it will help to make sense of some of the motor control parameters and the naming convention.