Are odrive ready to be used in production machines?

Hi: I know this forum is full of information that can answer this but it’s a huge effort so I’d better ask.
I have a small pcb shop and my cnc is used mainly for drilling the panels, it has 3nm steppers driven with a g540 geckodrive. I’m seriously considering upgrading those with some of the leadshine hybrid steppers (closed loop) to increase short travel speeds and reliability. Before doing that, I’ll like to ask if odrive is ready for using in production machines like this one and if you can recommend a motor/encoder set. Also considering replacing the 1605 ball screws with 1610 or 1616 to gain short travel speed but I guess I’ll need a very good encoder to maintain accuracy

Hi Lisandro,

I would say that the ODrive is not quite ready for production machines just yet. Feel free to get on board to evaluate and test, but the reliability is really in place just yet.

You can use the 8192 CPR encoder from CUI, the AMT102. That should give you 2um resolution on the 16mm pitch ballscrew.

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Any updates to opinion status, or?

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I think when ODrive v3.5 has been tested in the wild for a while and there have been no issues, I would give it the thumbs up. We’ll know in about 2 months I’d say.

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