AttributeError: ‘RemoteObject’ object has no attribute 'axis0’

I took the PCB and soldered a board, but found that the computer can display the device, but when I ran odrivetool, there was no result and I couldn’t send the command.

I would like to ask whether the program can be connected to the computer via USB as soon as it is running, or it may not run USB connection due to hardware errors, such as incorrect input of some signals.

I downloaded the latest firmware. what can i do about this?

A STM32 chip whose IO output port is burnt out and whose en gate is connected with GND. After downloading the program, I can send the command. After changing a block, you can detect the device, but I cannot send the command. name ‘odrv0’ is not defind.

If you’ve cooked the STM32 chip, then no it will never be possible to communicate, as that chip handles both communications and control. odrv0 not defined means the board was not detected or is broken.

You need to either replace the chip (if you can solder it) and flash with an ST-Link, or else buy a new board, sorry.