Axis hesitant to reach the input_pos

We have a two axis planar manipulator controlled with an odrive.
It is set with velocity control and trapezoidal trajectory controller.
Roughly half the time when the position of the manipulator is changed it works perfectly - stopping directly at the request point. Other times it stops 1 or 2 cm from the final position and slowly creeps toward the final requested point.

I tried changing current limit, requested_current_range and max_negative_current I didn’t see any change in behavior.

The odrive is battery powered and has no brake resistor connected.

I’m looking for any suggestions how to remedy this situation so I get consistent times for reaching the target position.

Videos showing the problem on both axes:

Ok, so it’s not going to go to the position necessarily? If you want position control, why not run in position control mode?

What do you have set for input_pos input_vel and input_torque?