Basic configuration for a BLDC Faulhaber motor + Encoder


I’m a begginer with the controller and the BLDC motors.
I just connected my BLDC motor to the Odrive 3.6. The motor datasheet is: and the encoder is an incremental encoder of 500 pulses/revolution:

Somebody can help me to configure the elemental parameters of the motor to run in a safety mode just to play with the position and the velocity?

There are additional items to configure before move the motor?

odrv0.config.brake_resistance = 2
odrv0.config.dc_bus_undervoltage_trip_level = 12
odrv0.config.dc_bus_overvoltage_trip_level = 56
odrv0.config.dc_max_positive_current = 5
odrv0.axis1.motor.config.pole_pairs = 2
odrv0.axis1.encoder.config.mode = ENCODER_MODE_INCREMENTAL
odrv0.axis1.encoder.config.cpr = 500

By the way… the ODRIVE GUI is working well with Odrive v3.6? Or it is only for the latests boards?

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Raul,

That generally looks fine, though you’re missing some values. If you have an encoder cpr pole pairs mismatch error on encoder offset calibration, note that CPR values are sometimes specified as 1/4 of the sensed CPR (as the ODrive uses 4x quadrature decoding), so the actual value may be any of 500, 1000, 2000 (likely 2000, that’s worth a first shot).

You also need to set the motor’s torque constant, defined as 8.27/kv (where kv is no-load RPM divided by nominal voltage - i.e. 8820/24 = 367.5 for the 024 BP4 motor).

Additionally set the current_lim (A) to the motor’s maximum current, and the torque_lim (Nm) to the maximum safe value for your testing purposes.

ODrive GUI is only for the new-gen ODrives (S1 and Pro currently).

Generally, following the getting started guide is the best route.

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