Basic Hoverboard Setup Illegal Hall State on M0


I’m trying to do a basic hoverboard motor setup. Following the setup instructions, m1 works great, calibrates with no errors, and runs. m0, following the same process, errors on calibration in the polarity calibration step. The motor spins for a second, stops, and gives me ENCODER_ERROR_ILLEGAL_HALL_STATE. I’ve gone in with a scope, and each of the outputs are working and connected, and when spinning the wheel by hand I never see all zeros or ones. I’ve also gone and double checked all of the values that are given in the setup guide. What are the next steps for debugging?

Unfortunately m1 and m0 can crosstalk sometimes, and they don’t have identical noise rejection (due to board layout). Have you tried putting 22nF caps on the hall inputs?

Ah. I had done that initially, but further away from the board. I tried again soldering the caps on to the board, and it works great. Thanks for the help!

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