Beginner Tutorial for ODrive

Hi everyone!

I did not find any detailed, step by step tutorial of how to use ODrive. So I’ve made one! Here I explain how to assemble the motor plus encoder, how to connect them to the controller and how to control it with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino. All the necessary steps are in this video!

I hope it will be useful to get you started with your project. I am planning to use ODrive to develop affordable 6DoF fast robotic arm.

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Hi Gengen, I thank you from all the complete novices out there, that don’t know where or how to start on ODrive.

This instruction will make easier to use and produce with ODrive.

Thanks again.
Regards Jerry :smiley:

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Very nice job @gengen I wish I had this when I was trying to figure things out but I am sure it will be a big help for many people :slight_smile:

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Thank you! The comments like these helps a lot!