Best way to read actual torque ouput when in position control

Odrive Pro, v0.6.3. Running in trap_traj mode for position control. Moving a mass up and down repeatedly via a coupled gear/transmission mechanism. I’m trying to detect whether the mass has changed (partially or wholesale detachment).
I’ve been trying this by reading the current_iq parameter through the cycle, but the results are pretty meaningless because they are so variable/noisy. Is there a better parameter to read for this? I’m planning to try axis.controller.torque_setpoint next, but I also see axis.controller.effective_torque_setpoint and I’m not clear on the difference between the two (especially when running in position mode).

Could try looking at motor ibus (DC current)

Actually … I found that there is a readable parameter
that does a beautiful job of reporting a smoothed curve for logging power output.

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