Brake Resistor for high accelerations

I have ordered my odrive along with the 270kv motors.
I have a application (PCB printer) where there are small movements with high acceleration but also segments with a max RPM of 3000. I’ve heard that the includes resistor is 50w .5ohm. Is that value ideal in such a case where small movements need to be carried out. Do I need to put the resistor on a heatsink for continous operation. My powersupply consists of 2 HP 1200W server power supplies in series for 2400W at 24V. The motors will draw 2200W in the worst case leaving 200W for electronics and the laser. How much of that energy will have to be dissapated in the resitor. I use ballscrew and linear rails with high preload, so some energy is lost there. What is the brake current I should be aiming at ? Is there a minimum resistance for the resistor ? I have found power resistors for cheap so buying 100W resistors isn’t expensive for me, if that is even neccessary.

The brake resistor is only used for deceleration i.e. when the motor is producing torque in the opposite direction to motion. The resistor’s 50W rating is a continuous/average rating, i.e. it can take much more than 50W for fractions of a second.
However, I have encountered some occasions where it gets hot (spinning a geared motor back and forth as fast as possible)
If you have a very high load inertia, you might need a bigger resistor.
I’d suggest leave it for now - if it gets too hot, order a 100W one.


I have quite high inertai (2kg) and use ballscrew, let’s see how it goes