Bug with some endpoint data in 0.5.1 release?

We’ve moved over to the new 0.5.1 release which looks great. We communicate via the native protocol over UART using the endpoint to command and read current. I’ve updated the endpoints and can communicate ok but for some reason I cannot read the AXIS__MOTOR__CURRENT_CONTROL__IQ_MEASURED parameter correctly on either axis.

I know the interface is ok because I can read other parameters ok such as velocity estimate or bus voltage. But for the measured current all I get are constant values like 0, +1 or -1. I can see the measured current has plausible data when I look at them directly with the odrivetool so it’s like they are not getting sent correctly.

Our application runs ok too. I had to change to commanding torque instead of current and for now set the torque constant to 1.

I wonder if this is bug in the new firmware? Is it possible to install the devel branch using DFU?