C++ library for ODrive?

This may be another stupid question: where can I find the official C++ library for ODrive?
It seems to me that only official python library can be used, such as “import odrive…”. If I want to connect ODrive in C++, should I first develop a set of C++ library (I am unable to do that), and then include it in ODrive applications?
Please help me to find usable c++ library for ODrive.
Thank you in advance.

That doesn’t quite exist. Fibre, the underlying communications protocol, is available for C++ (and other languages). A library which implements fibre so that it can be used in C++ applications would be cool.

Thank you for your prompt reply. However, it is far away for me to understand and use fibre. Why not official C++ library?

Well… good question. I’m not sure exactly what a C++ library would look like. What functionality do you want to be able to do easily?

Hi, I certainly need something like odrive python library because I hope that one day, I can use ODrive controller in products not in theses if possible. Thank you.

there are actually a few repositories out there that do what you want:

But none of them are maintained and all of them have some quirks. I am using the first one in that list and added a bunch of features manually, but that’s not public yet.

Hi, grahameth,thank you very much for your kind reply. Days ago, I tried one not listed here, when running it my configuration on odrive board was rewritten and then my python apps stopped working. I have to learn more to understand odrive C++ sdks.