Can I connect to the UART port on a SKR board for 3d printers?

I’m thinking of building a 3d printer this summer with eh x and y axis’ being driven by odrive and some skateboard motors that would work well for driving a corexy style system. I am aware that using step/dir is probably the best idea, with limit switches and all, but I want to know if the UART that the SKR board uses to communicate with TMC2208’s and TMC2209’s is anything compatible with the UART that Odrive uses (Probably worth mentioning that Im a mechanical engineer, not electric or computer, so I am pretty dumb in all this).

Here is some information on the board I’m planning to use:

(I’ll put more images in the comments)

If this isn’t possible, I’m fine settling for step/dir and designing aroud that, but I’d just like to know if it’s at all possible, and/or better to use UART

Thank you!

Electrically it’s probably the same, but not on the software side. You’d have to write something into the SKR that can talk to ODrive.