CAN library not supported

Hi all,
I am new to odrive. My odrive (v3.5) (0.4.11) does not have the commands for the CAN.
I am trying to connect 2 odrives together for a robot and i am completely lost on how to implement that.
When i try to set the baudrate (odrv0.can.set_baud_rate(value)) it says “object has no attribute set_baud_rate”.

Even when trying to set nodes (odrv0.axis0.can_node_id = 0x010) or (odrv0.axis0.config.can_node_id = 3) for example, it saya “Attribute can_node_id not found”

Do any of you fellas have a nice and basic documentation of getting 2 odrives connected and communicating over can bus?

P.S. i did update the firmware and this did not help

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jamil, I think we talked on Discord. But to explain for you and everyone else, CAN currently only works on the feature/CAN branch or on the RazorsEdge branch. If you don’t have the can_node_id etc then I don’t think you are using the correct branch.

Also, CAN is an unsupported system right now, although we are actively testing it.