Can odrive deal with these motors?

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Yes. I don’t know why it shouldn’t.

I was expecting bigger components (MOSFETs) to drive those motors.
The NTMFS4935NT1G power MOSFET seems really tiny and slim.
Does it require heatsinks?

I have one that is similar but smaller in power (also 8 poles but 400W). ODrive have no trouble driving large motors though you probably want a heatsink and a fan. However I couldn’t tune it to perform well in position control. It would align with the poles first then slowly creep up to position. My guess is you just need more pole pairs especially in larger motors.

motor info as measured by ODrive:
phase_resistance = 0.05115
phase_inductance = 0.00005158

Ah ok thanks for the feedback.

Yep! In fact these seem like really excellent motors for the rated power of ODrive.