Can stall current damage the motor driver?

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I tested the low-resistance gimbal motor (1.2 ohms) using ODrive Pro.
The rated current is 3.1 A and the stall current is 9.5A.

Is it okay for the motor driver if I give 8~9A to the motor when the motor is stopped by the object (for example, manually stop the motor and set the hard current limit as 9A.)?

Since the maximum current of ODrive Pro is around 50A, I thought it would be okay for the driver and only it could damage the motor.

However, I found some opinions that applying the stall current might give some direct current to some switch(?) and it can damage the motor driver if I drive it for a long time.

Can I get some advice about this?

Thank you for your help!

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Yes, 9A continuous is fine, even if the motor is at stall.