CAN Watchdog enable/disable command?


I have a project in which i have several arduino’s connected to a CAN bus along with the Odrive, Im trying to use the watchdog on the odrive so i can stop the motors in the event it loses comms.

At the moment the watchdog is timing out as the arduino is set to wait for a set amount of time (10seconds) before sending commands, this allows time for the odrive calibration routine to finish. My watchdog is set to 1 second so of course it times out.

Is there a way to reset the watchdog or start the watchdog using can from the arudino?

thanks in advance


Not as far as I know.
However, the controller hearbeat message currently does nothing - it could be modified to reset the watchdog perhaps.

I’ll have to check to see if there’s a way to reset the watchdog.

In the meantime, have your arduino send the NMT message while it’s waiting (command ID 0x00), it’ll keep the watchdog from timing out.

Thanks for the help!