Cannot identify the pole-pairs

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to calibrate the 21 pole pairs BLDC motor which has the 14 bits absolute encoder using the GUI.
However, I’ve got the error message like " [CPR_POLEPAIRS_MISMATCH error]"

When I calibrate the 14 pole pairs BLDC encoder, it’s working without any issue.
Does the odd number of pole pairs cause this issue?

Thank you for your time!

Best regards,

Hey TexGu,

Likely the number of pole pairs isn’t correct, or there’s a significant output load on the motor.

Could you give a part number or link to the motor you’re using? If you update your ODrive firmware version to 0.6.8 (if it isn’t on that already), what does axis0.observed_encoder_scale_factor show after the calibration fails? You can find this value in the GUI inspector tab.