CANT UPDATE to [0.5.2] - 2021-05-05

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ sudo odrivetool dfu /home/pi/ODriveFirmware_v3.6-56V.hex
ODrive control utility v0.5.1.post0
Waiting for ODrive…
Found ODrive 204B378C5753 (v3.6-56V) with firmware [unknown version] in DFU mode

You are about to flash firmware [unknown version] which is the same version as the firmware on the device ([unknown version]).
Do you want to flash this firmware anyway? [y/N] y

IT DIDN’T FIND THE NEW VISION?!i want to upgrade to the [0.5.2] - 2021-05-05 version

by Robby

Hi Robby,

v0.5.2 is not officially released yet - it is a Release Candidate. Check the thread about it that’s pinned to the top of the forum for info about flashing it.

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