CNC control questions


New here. I saw this was back in stock and wanted to ask a few questions before purchasing.

How can you send gcode to this? Currently I’m only familiar with the grbl workspaces. I’ve not touched mach3 at all. Can this connect to bCNC for sending code?

What commands are supported? Is there a post processor for fusion 360?



Currently there is no G-code support. Basic G-code support (G0 and G1 commands) is planned to be added, but it might be a little while before I have time to get to that.

Right now, the best way to get started with CNC is to use an existing motion controller, and to bypass the stepper motor drivers, and feed the step/direction signals directly to the ODrive.


I have been looking into Machinekit as an open control system. It supports a lot of LinuxCNC, but is more flexible hardware-wise. I don’t think I can keep my (theoretical) project secret much longer.

@madcowswe Congrats on getting v3.3 out the door!

Thank you for the quick response. When you say bypass the stepper motors, you mean splicing the steppers to the odrive board? I have a few spare carbide motion control boards laying around from testing the Shapeoko 3 serial disconnection issue. Is it as easy as wiring the odrive to the stepper outputs, sending some known distance and setting the steps in the firmware?

I seen some videos on YouTube that use this in a CNC or laser application, how is the gcode used there?

On some motion control boards, the step/dir signals are broken out.

For example see the smoothie board:

or the tinyg:

In this video, you can see I am using some jumper wires to connect the step/dir signals on the tinyg to the odrive (there are also some test probes):

I googled for some pictures of the carbide motion controller, and I didn’t see that these signals are broken out unfortunately.

I don’t know which videos you mean? I don’t know of any application that uses ODrive with G-Code just yet. This will of course be something we are looking forward to do ;D.

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