CNC Spindle Driver

I’m looking into making a personal cnc machine and like the idea of using odrive for the axes but I would like a more powerful spindle and I dont think the odrive can handle it (Max power 40V in excess of 200a). Can you run the spindle with a normal RC esc? I know they aren’t really made to run close-loop and am wondering how they would handle the rapid direction switching when stationary.

Maybe my knowledge of CNC is limited, but I didn’t think you need to change the rotation direction on the spindle of a CNC mill?

Unless you are thinking of tap threading, you shouldn’t have the need for really rapid direction changes. Threads can be made just as easy with thread milling, just run an interpolated downwards spiral/helix with a “thread mill”
Example here:

I would like rigid tapping capabilities and the spindle needs to orient itself for tool change as well.

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Ahh… ATC as well, please share details :slight_smile:
I do think that a multicopter ESC would be my choice, as car controllers have massive braking before reverse, and some have no reverse capabilities.
Maybe something made for RC boats, see discussion here:

Im in same boat as you , but ive read a lot on subject,

I buy the odrive 56v beta and it suppose to handle 40a easely so 2240 watt So 3hp if my calcul is good

With 3hp motor you can rigid tap until 1/4-20 after this threadmilling is perfect (on aluminium)

I think you can take 3/8 e-mill with light cut with HEM strategy, still on aluminium anyway if we talk about personal cnc , i dont talk about big heavy machine to take deep heavy cut ,so i think 3hp motor is in the range of personal cnc

For myself i will try it but the only thing is the missing time, the day will come

I see a lot of outrunner torque test and i think it can be used to cut metal, depend of the cutting strategy you use

Aluminium is not so hard to cut