Code development IDE's

I see the code is built using Eclipse and wondered if it could be developed in IAR or Keil, (as these are what Ive used) . They both have free ARM versions, limited to 32KB code size . As many others I’m not really a software engineer but tinker a bit and whilst eclipse is a very professional package I have heard it is a steeper learning curve than IAR or Keil.
Of course to really open it up to amateurs Arduino IDE support would be fantastic, I believe there now some support for STM32 cores.


Yes Eclipse is very common when it comes to open source, but also many vendors will support an environment built around Eclipse and GCC, mostly to avoid having to ship their own.

That said, I’m happy to support use of IAR, Keil or Arduino IDE. Feel free to submit instructions on how to get it working in either of those environments, and I can host those on the repo.

Arduino probably makes a lot of sense at some point :slight_smile: A lot of robotics applications are mocked up with them. I’m not totally sure that IAR would be used by a large population of the makers.

make failed, I followed the instructions on git, Thank you , All went well until, I opened the git bash shell .It opens in a command line window, and then typing make of course failed as i hadn’t downloaded any code to make. Maybe you could just add a note to say , download the code from the git repository, unzip and navigate to the root of this directory. then type make. Worked ok then. Cheers. Ive also installed Eclipse and build gives a error, no path to gcc, looks like its related to MinGW or cygwin, I’ll look into it tomorrow.

Thanks for the heads up. I added some more instructions here:
Let me know if that is helpful?

Thanks ,yes helpful, there was no reference to actually downloading the code. Which us fools need . I still have path gcc and g++ errors when I try to build in eclipse . , error message The environment HOME is not set, I did try to set File>Properties> C/C++ Build> Environment , added (variable) MINGW_HOME (value) C:/MinGW/bin and MSYS_HOME C:\MinGW\msys\1.0 but that didnt help. Will look into it but have just got a 40 yr old milling machine I need to get close to.1500Kg covered in grease and waiting for me.

I had the exact error, did you ever figure it out?