Communication Protocol


What is the USB or UART communication protocol between the board and the PC? If I would like to design my own communication protocol, how can I modify the software?


There are two available protocols. One designed for machine use, which we call the “native protocol”, and one designed to be human readable, which we call the “ascii protocol”. You can check the following for more info:


hi,How to use UART control, I have modified CONFIG_UART_PROTOCOL=native, connected GPIO1 and GPIO2 pins and GND. Is it connected to the PC via a USB to serial chip? If so, what command is executed on the git bash here terminal to start UART communication?

I would like to modify the UART protocol to apply to my control protocol and eventually control it via the bus, such as rs232 or rs485, using a simple check (non-CRC). Protocol.c is full of complex protocol processing and protocol.c file is an implementation of the processing used to receive and send data. Is the commands.c and legacy_commands.c file to convert the transmitted data to commands?


What device did you connect here?


I configured the CONFIG_UART_PROTOCOL to ASCII using the human readable protocol.Use the serial port tool on the PC to send the command p 0 -20000, but no response.Is there something wrong with my operation?


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