Compiling error using tup (version.c and python-B)

Hi all,

I have been able to compile my custom firmware before, but that was about a year ago. Now my memory is kicking my buss.

I am trying to compile the master repo. I have followed the instruction under the developer’s guide.

OS: Window 10
Odrive: V3.5-24V
tup: installed latest
ARM compiler: installed and added to path and as a variable
Windows build tools: installed

I am using git bash, here are some verifications:

Here is the tup.config files:

When I open bash in the firmware folder and type tup, I get the following error:

Hmm. It should call Python to generate version.c first, then tup won’t have any issues finding it. What do you get when you do python --version?

I get…


We are error buddies! Same problem here - did you ever manage to build your firmware?

Solved here. Re-cloned repo, re-installed git-lfs, and used make rather than tup.