Compiling Firmware and Make Help

I am trying to compile . Make clean works and make flash doesn’t. However, I can upload a new firmware by using openocd -f… and the Odrive works perfect. Can anyone please, tell me what I need to different to get to build a new firmware and upload it?


It looks like you don’t have tup installed, or if it is installed it’s not on the PATH.

Thanks for your input. I downloaded the latest tup file for windows and I don’t see an exe installation file for it. How do I install it? should I place tup files within the Firmware?.

I used the command on git bash==>git clone git:// to retrieve TUP. Also, I updated the windows path with C:\Users\Humberto\Downloads\ODrive-master\Firmware\tup

I still have the same issue when using make


I got a similar error message with visual studio. Can anyone , please, point me in the right direction?


You have to install “make”. If you already installed make, then it is missing in the PATH.


I believe is there. Do you have any idea how to install tup? I am using windows 7 64-bit. I downloaded the tup windows version and it doesn’t have installation file.


Simple unzip and copy it in a folder of your choice. But you have to add it to the Windows PATH.
I have unzip everything into the odrive\Firmware folder.

Thanks very much. Exactly what I was looking for;people like you make this site more exciting.