Conference Call/Virtual Meeting/Code Sharing for ODrive Set-up Assistance

I am interested in discussing/reviewing with an available forum member to assist in setting-up and operating an ODrive. I have been successful on a few occassions to run the Odrive using a Turnigy Multistar 2312 in both sensorless and closed loop controls, but these successful attempts were infrequent compared to the amount of time needed for set-up and debugging. It may be a faulty set-up or a simple oversight but would like to review further with anyone interesed in assisting my efforts. Thanks in advance.

Dear friend,
We are in a dire need of a new wiki page that guides new members through this,
Please document everything that you do set up your motors and maybe we can find a good location to pool our knowledge, as this forum has seen the same question asked at least 25 times!

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Good Evening,

How much detail would you like for me to provide? I can provide any and all details needed to dissect my set-up issues. I will start by sharing my command codes, common errors, motor type, power supply type, O-Drive version, PC interface, and a brief summary of frequent errror modes and ODrive/motor operational errors. Thanks.

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Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

Current Set Up:

ODrive 2.6 24 Volt
2 850 CCA Motorcraft Batteries
Turnigy Multistar 2312 Outrunner Motor
8192 CPR Encoder
Jupyter Notebook on Cyperpower PC running Windows 10

Common Operational Issues:
-INDEX not found during calibration
-Motor shutters/vibrates during calibration
-Several calibration errors