Configuration for an 880KV Motor

Hi all, I’m looking for a little help on getting stable motor control.
I’ve been able to successfully calibrate (proper pole pair, cpr counts set properly and verified) but once calibrated and set to closed loop mode, I an unable to consistently control the motor. Sometimes setting the position (fraction of a rotation) causes it to spin quickly and stop and take itself out of closed loop (generic message: MOTOR_ERROR_SYSTEM_LEVEL), and sometimes it works properly for small rotation amounts. Additionally velocity mode never seems to work properly.
I’ve seemingly had a bit more stability when I up the vel_limit and adjust the gains but that’s not super consistent. Has anyone had luck with a small motor like this?

Notes along the way:
If I change the current limits low - sometimes calibration does a minor beep and stops
Encoder counts look right but possible I’m trying to turn too fast?
Live Plotter tool doesn’t work on Mac?
Adjusted torque constant to 8.7/880 - not sure if it is impacting anything?

Everything is now working properly after swapping out the power supply and a fair amount of gain-tweaking.